My First self administered enema

by Michael

I woke up about mid-morning not realizing that this day was going to be a real special day in the life of this young boy.
But, what was going to make this day so special only time was to tell.
Mother and Mam-Maw had already left the house that morning to spend the day shopping and when I woke up I found that I had the house to myself. Mom and Mam-Maw were nowhere to be found. In fact, as I was walking around I found that Mom had left me a note on the dining table telling me that she and Mam-Maw had gone shopping and that they had left me a couple of sandwiches in the fridge for lunch.
In addition, the note also told me to be sure and take care of the place and if possible mow the lawn. And if that was not enough, the note also told me that she and Mam-Maw would most likely be gone most of the day.
After reading the note, I turned on the television in the living room and checked the channels for something to watch. I soon found that there was nothing on that I wanted to watch.
So, I picked up the phone and called my girlfriend. She was also not home.
I scratched my head and finally decided to mow the yard, but soon found that our mower would not start.
What was I going to do….?
No Mom, no Mam-Maw, no Girl Friend, nothing on tv, and no mower to cut the grass with!
I was beginning to get bored.
So, I went back into the house, sat down, picked up a book to read, but soon decided that I did not want to read a book either.
I soon found that I was beginning to get a head-ache so I got back up, went into Mom’s bathroom, opened her towel cabinet where she normally kept her aspirin bottle and began searching for it. But, I soon discovered that it was nowhere to be found .
I looked down dejected.
But, as I did, my eyes centered on something that was on the shelf right below the medicine shelf. It was Mom’s red Rexall Victoria Combination syringe looking right up me. I reached over and rubbed it with my right hand.
Electricity surged throughout my body.
Memories of Mom giving me enemas with that thing brought a smile to my face.
I picked up the hose and held the nozzle in my right hand. I then took my left hand and felt the smoothness of the nozzle’s texture.
It felt so smooth and to be honest with you, this was the very first time that I had ever done that.
Again, electricity surged throughout my body.
I was beginning to feel that what I needed to do was give myself an enema with that thing.
Within seconds I felt a sense of butterflies dancing around in my bely area and for certain I noticed that my breathing had slowed and I think that I was even beginning to get a little flushed as well.
My mind was telling me that for certain now that I should give myself an enema while Mom and Mam-Maw were out of the house.
But, I realized that I had never done that to myself before and I wasn’t real sure that I should….
I started thinking….What would happen if Mom and Mam-Maw came home early and caught me?
I put the tubing back down into the box and walked over to the tub where I sat down on its edge.
I was trying real hard to decide if I really wanted to risk it.
But, then I realized that my body was telling me that I should go for it.
So, I again stood up and walked back to the towel cabinet and reached into the cabinet.
I lifted the red bottle out of its box with my right and took the hose out of the box with my left.
I held it gently against my belly.
Butterflies were now swarming for sure in my belly.
I was barely breathing. My eyes began to blur.
I stepped away from the cabinet and eased over to the bathroom sink all the while still holding tightly onto the bottle and hose.
I, then, sat the bottle down on the edge of the sink and turned on the hot water first. As it flowed I stuck my right fore-finger into the flow to check the water’s temperature and soon found that it was getting hot so I then turned on the cold water as well.
Again, I was checking the water’s temperature, adjusting the cold water till the flowing water wasn’t too hot or too cold.
When I thought it to be just right I began to fill the red bottle.
Soon, I had it about 9/10’s full and realized that no more water was going to go into it so I took it out from the flow and turned the water off.
I, then, held the bottle up and inspected the budging bag as if I were a scientist inspecting a test tube.
I was mesmerized.
After a few seconds, I leaned over and picked up the red hose with my left hand.
I closed the silver shut-off and began to screw the black adapter plug into the bottle’s neck.
Within mere seconds I had syringe ready for its job.
I walked over to the wall where Mom, if she were here, would have hung the bottle.
But, I realized that Mom was not here and instead, it was I that was here, and it was I that was going to be hanging the bottle on the wall.
I got cold chills and if butterflies were not flying earlier, they definitely were now.
As soon as I had secured the bottle to the wall I began to hear the sound of the water as it left the bulging bottle and entered the red tubing. It was a distinct Bloop, bloop, bloop sound and it radiated throughout the room.
For a moment, I just stood there looking at the enema bag hanging on the wall.
My eyes blurred but I soon regained my composure.
I reached over and took hold of the syringe’s tubing.
I then opened the shut-off and watched the water as it flowed out of the black nozzle and into the sink.
I quickly closed the red tube’s shut-off.
With that done, I, again, walked over to Mom’s medicine cabinet, opened its door, and searched for the bottle of Vaseline that Mom always kept in there.
Upon seeing it, I reached in, took the bottle’s cap off and obtained a good amount of the goo onto my right fore-finger.
I again put the cap back onto the bottle and walked quickly over to where the bottle and the tubing hung.
Quickly, I picked up the hose and smeared the Vaseline onto the black nozzle. It glistened as if it were saying I’m ready for you, Mike.
So, having done all of the preparations, I quickly began to undress. I pulled off my t-shirt first, then I sat down on the edge of the tube and took off my shoes and then my socks.
I, now, stood up and quickly removed my shorts and finally my underwear.
I looked at the enema bag and asked myself “Mike, are you really sure that you want to do this? You know Mom has always been the one to give you your enemas.”
I took a deep swallow and soon decided without a doubt that I wanted this enema that was hanging on the wall waiting for me.
I kneeled down onto the floor and took the nozzle and placed it against my rectal opening. With a little pressure I slid it into the waiting orifice.
Soon, it was all the way in.
I opened the tube’s shut-off and my first solo enema began to flow up into me.
It felt oh so good!
I lay my head gently onto the floor and began to really enjoy the feeling of the warm water as it entered my body.
I thought that I was in heaven.
A minute or so later, I looked up and noticed that the bottle was completely empty.
I closed the tube’s shut-off and pulled the nozzle out of my body.
I quickly got up and walked over to the commode and sat my bootie down.
I realized that I had done it. I had taken my first real enema by myself.
I felt as if I had done something no other person had ever done. It was special.
But, soon reality hit.
My stomach gurgled and soon I was expelling my enema.
I felt turd after turd mixed with water leave my body and enter the toilet’s basin.
I must have sat there doing that for I know 10 minutes.
When I had completed my evacuation of the water and feces, I got up, walked over to the wall again and pulled the bottle off its hanging spot.
I quickly unscrewed the adapter from the bag and opened the shut-off. I shook the bottle to dry it and blew through the hose to get any remaining water out of the hose.
I then walked over to the cabinet again, opened its door and placed the bottle and hose back into box exactly as it had been before I took the enema..

I looked down at it one last time and patted it before walking away.
I soon found myself again in the living room.
I took a seat on the sofa and again turned the tv on.
I lay back on the sofa and soon myself asleep.
I remained that way until Mom and Mam-Maw were again home.
Mom woke me up with a gentle kiss on my left cheek.
She asked me why I had not cut the lawn.
I told her that the mower would not start.
She asked me what I had been up to and I told her that I didn’t do much.
I also told her that I had a head-ache earlier and felt kinda nauseated.
She felt my forehead and asked me when was the last time I had been to the bathroom.
I lied big time and told her it had been several days.
She and her Mom left the living room and went to the kitchen.
I, again, lay back down on the sofa and soon found myself asleep again.
An hour or so later Mom again woke me..
This time she took my hand, helped me stand up and took me into the bathroom where she had her Rexall Victoria Combination syringe filled and waiting for me.
I smiled big time, gave Mom a kiss and let her give me my second enema of the day.
I don’t think Mom or Mam-Maw ever figured out that I had taken an enema by myself.
Great Memory….

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