Enemas were a routine part of my childhood

by Kate
(San Jose, CA)

I am in my 70s now so this is my first time putting any experience down in written form. As as child I grew up just outside San Jose. My parents were quite old fashioned I guess, and believed in quite old fashioned remedies, including enemas, so I don't actually remember the first one. Myself and my two sisters were given them whenever we were ill. It was completely routine. A cold, a cough, tummy upset, anything. The rule was the same. You would change into a nightdress, and go to the bathroom. You would try a do a bowel movement if you can. The emenas were always given in twos, with a final rinse. The first to flush out the lower colon, which you expelled quite quickly. The second took much longer and had to be kept in for at least 10 minutes while my Mom messaged the tummy. After the large enema, there was a third smaller to clean out any remaining stuff near the anus. I always associate enemas with getting better, so have no bad memories at all, and still have them even now when I'm unwell.

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