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by bill

When I was about 19 I developed some stomach problems. My mother noticed things were not right with me spending a lot of time in the bathroom. After several questions she decided to make a doctors appointment for me. When the day came she brought me to the appointment when the nurse called my name she asked if my mother wanted to go with me. I didn't want her to but I didn't make a fuss. When we got in the room the nurse told me to change behind the curtain and take everything off but my underwear. She then did regular checks and asked what had brought me here? Before I could answer my mother said that I seemed to spend a lot of time in the bathroom and hadn't been eating much. The nurse wrote down some notes and said the doctor would be with us in a few minutes. After a few minutes two women entered the room the nurse and a middle aged woman who introduced herself as Dr. Summers. She did a quick exam after reading the nurses notes and asked me to get up on the table and lye on my back. She then pulled my gown up and poked and prodded my belly making a few notes asking when I last had a bowel movement? I said a few days ago and she said hummm? She said that she suspected that I might just be a little constipated but thought that she should confirm this with a rectal exam? She told me to turn over on my stomach and she then pulled my underpants down and put on some gloves while the nurse got some things out of a cabinet and gave them to the Dr. I was totally embarrassed having my mother and two other women seeing me in such a state. The Dr. then squeezed some lube onto her fingers and did a check. After some poking and prodding she said I was very constipated. She told my mother that I would need to have several enemas to cure this and wrote down the things we would need at the drugstore and told her to make a follow up appointment for next week.

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