Last Stages of Colon Cancer:
Is Treatment Possible?

The last stages of colon cancer are tough. The chances of surviving are often low. There are still many colon cancer survivors that live to tell their story, that you shuoldn't give up.

In the last stages the cancer has usually spread to nearby lymph nodes and other parts of the body and this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to remove surgically.

Traditionally doctors will try to treat cancer by surgery and/or chemotherapy. You could also be asked if you want to participate in a clinical trial where they are usually trying out new cancer treatments.

Treatments are continually improving and survival rates are going up. Progress is being made, new ways and drugs are coming up constantly.

Surgery might be an option for some people with stage 4 (last stage) colon cancer, it is often used if the cancer hasn't spread too far.

The most common method used is surgery to remove the cancerous tissue and connect the ends of the tissue. Surgery to remove parts of the affected organs can also be an option.

For those that surgery would be useless, chemotherapy can be offered as an option to relieve symptoms and improve life quality. This therapy of alleviating symptoms is not given because it has a chance of curing the disease, only to relieve the symptoms.

There are of course other alternatives, but I am not an expert and cannot give you any advice. For that I recommend that you contact your doctor or a qualified alternative health practitioner for further information.

If you're at the last stage or know someone who is, don't give up hope. Even though the chances of survival are low, many have survived. Do your best and give your body the highest chance of surviving.

According to the National Cancer Institute's database the survival rate of stage 4 colon cancer is 8 percent. These figures are from between 1991 and 2000. They have most likely improved since then.

I urge you to keep on researching and finding inspirational information. There are forums out there where people who have colon cancer hang out. You can find them by doing a search on google.


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