Colon Cancer Survivability

Colon cancer survivability is constantly improving. More and more people are reaping the benefits of new and improved cancer treatments.

Survival is dependant on how early the cancer is detected, what kind it is and where it is located.

Survival chances for cancers found early are about five times higher compared to cancers in the more advanced stages.

According to Cancer Research UK both male and female colon and rectal cancer survival rates have doubled in England and Wales between 1970 and 2000.

Five-year chances of survival for male rectal cancer improved from 25 percent in 1970 to 50 percent in early 2000 and from 27 to 52 for female rectal cancer.

Comparisons between different European countries show significant differences. Researchers believe that this has to do with delay in treatment in the poorer countries, but it is extremely difficult to say and interpret they say.

Here is a quick table on the survival rates for colon cancer by stage according to the American Cancer Society.

Stage 1: 93%

Stage 2A: 85%

Stage 2B: 72%

Stage 3A: 83%*

Stage 3B: 64%

Stage 3C: 44%

Stage 4: 8%

*In this study, survival rates were better for stage 3A than for Stage 2B for some reason. The reasons are not clear and it is not known if this is still the case says the American Cancer Society.

Early detection is crucial when considering the chance of survival. As you can see, in the earliest stage, stage 1, you have a 93 percent chance of surviving, compared to the most advanced stage where you only have around 8 percent.

Regular screenings and tests are recommended by doctors when you start reaching the age of 50.

There have been reports of people suffering from colon cancer at younger and younger ages. Going to regular screenings even if you are younger is probably a wise choice.


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