A Guide to Yeast Infection Symptoms

Yeast infections are an increasingly common problem that can create a range of painful and unpleasant symptoms.

From first-time instances to chronic and recurring cases, these infections can affect your body in a variety of ways.

Understanding the causes and signs of this frequent condition are important steps to treating your infection and preventing it from reoccurring.

There are plenty of solutions out there for yeast infections (or candida as it is sometimes called).

They are natural and they work without side-effects.

What Causes a Yeast Infection?

A yeast infection is caused by the overgrowth of the Candida albicans fungus that occurs naturally in your system.

Under normal circumstances, this simple microorganism can remain undetected in your mouth, skin, intestinal tract, and reproductive areas.

However, certain factors like use of antibiotics or birth control, illness, a weakened immune system, stress or pregnancy can reduce the amount of healthy bacteria that control the levels of yeast in your body.

This allows the organism to grow and spread rapidly, which can lead to a number of different yeast infections.

There are a number of different tell-tale signs of a yeast infection that can vary depending on part of your body that is affected.

Here are the more common kinds of Candida infection and their symptoms:

Yeast Infection Symptoms for the Mouth

This kind of yeast overgrowth is commonly referred to as oral thrush. In this case, the fungus infects the mucous membranes of your mouth, causing yellowish or cream-colored bumps to appear on your cheeks, tongue, tonsils, or the roof of your mouth.

Although not initially painful, these lesions may bleed and become irritated if scrapped or rubbed.

Oral thrush sufferers may have bad breath and experience difficulty eating due to the spread of infected sores in the mouth.

Yeast Infection Symptoms for the Vagina

Vaginal yeast infections are widespread, affecting an estimated 75% of women worldwide.

They are especially common in women who are pregnant or have diabetes. Symptoms of this particularly uncomfortable condition include: pain, itching and burning in the vagina or vulva; thick, clumpy white discharge accompanied by a slight odor; pain during sex or urination; and a rash on the vagina.

Yeast Infection Symptoms for the Skin

Skin yeast infections, often called body rash, can occur in a number of places on your body.

However, most infections occur in moist warm areas that support yeast growth, including your underarms, breasts, and folds of skin. Jock itch, the common term for skin infections of the groin, can affect both men and women.

And another well-known variety, diaper rash, is common among babies. Candida infection of the skin may cause such signs as: itching, burning and rash, patches of infected skin that ooze clear fluid, and pimples.

Penile Yeast Infection Symptoms

Although not as common as vaginal infections, male Candida infections can occur when men have unprotected sex with a partner suffering from yeast overgrowth.

Without proper treatment, these infections can pass back and forth between partners. Skin infections of the penis can appear suddenly and create a great deal of pain and discomfort for the sufferer.

Typical signs of penile yeast infections are scales, redness, and a painful rash located on the underside of the penis.


There are many different treatments available today. Many people are afraid to go the traditional route of getting rid of their symptoms.

There are also many natural remedies for yeast infection symptoms that you might want to try. They have been proven safe and effective by thousands of people.

How to Cure Yeast Infections Naturally

Like I said above, there are many ways to cure yeast infections, and the things that get recommended over and over again are over-the-counter medications such as creams and pills.

yeast infection no moreThese might work for you, or they might not. The thing about them is that they do not cure the underlying cause, so in most cases the anal yeast infection will keep coming back.

If you're worried, then by all means go and see your doctor or natural health practitioner.

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