What is the Digestive System?

What is the digestive system?

The human digestive process starts in the mouth, where food is chewed and broken down by salivary enzymes.

This is why it is important to thoroughly chew your food! More chewing equals more enzymes and easier digestion.

When you've swallowed, your food enters the esophagus. It is the long tube you see going from the mouth to the stomach.

It moves in waves, slowly squeezing the food to its destination. This is why we can eat even if we're upside down.

When the food reaches the stomach your body starts to break it down and slowly emptying its contents to the small intestine.

You can see the stomach in the picture to your left, it looks like a reverse c, and is located right next to the red liver.

The next stop is the small intestine. It is the longest section of the digestive tract, stretching at almost 18 feet in length.

It is divided into three sections; the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. The small intestine is also where most of the digestion happens.

When the small intestine is done digesting and breaking down the food, it is time for the liver to filter out harmful substances.

Your food then passes to your large intestine. The large intestine is called large because of its diameter, the small intestine is longer, but more narrow.

The function of the large intestine is to absorb water, certain vitamins and processes the remaining indigestible food.

The food then travels up in the ascending colon, across the transverse colon and down in the descending colon.

The last stop is the sigmoid colon before the food enters the rectum and is eliminated.

What most people don't know is that their digestive system is having huge difficulties in digesting the foods they eat.

This is why it is important to cleanse your body from time to time, either with natural methods, such as juicing fruits and vegetables, or using a herbal colon cleanse.


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