Things I've Learned Doing Enemas

by John
(Auburn, Ca.)

As a 54 year old guy, who started experimenting with enemas on my own as a teen, here's what I have to share. One thing I never knew (until recently) was how much liquid an adult colon could hold.

My limit is one gallon!

I start out my two hour session using soapy water. My first enema is usually small (maybe one quart) as I can't take much until I get some initial cleaning.

After that, I'm good for the full gallon. I have read recommendations on using a douche tip (nozzle).

After finally trying one, I found that it stays in me very well, as it does not try to slip out. I don't have to hold it in place, as I did with other nozzles.

This is good so you can regulate the solution flow with one hand, and massage your belly with your free hand.

Check the web for directions on massaging your belly while filling, and emptying. I start out lying on my back, and will roll to either side while filling myself.

I take the last portion of my enema on my right side. I had been curious about colon tubes, but never tried one.

Think I once read (and agree) that if you can fill yourself to the max. with a regular nozzle, you don't need a colon tube.

After the soapy enema, I use two additional gallon enema flushes. On the last one, I add 4 tablespoons each of baking soda, and sea salt.

I put the baking soda and sea salt in a plastic container with some water, and mix it before adding to my 4 quart bag. For a beginner, remember to "bleed" the air out of your hose and nozzle before starting your enema.

Hang your bag (or bucket) and open the hose clamp, holding the nozzle below the bag to expel any air in the hose. Close the clamp when you get solution.

Stay clean and healthy!

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