Soapy Enema:
Ivory, Glycerine And Castile

Enema is the process where liquids are introduced into your colon.

Today, enemas are used in both preventative and other medical reasons, particularly in alternative health therapies.

However, the frequency has dropped a bit as of late, they used to be more popular.

They are a great way to keep your colon clean and your body healthy.

But remember that your overall lifestyle plays a huge role.

When you combine a healthy lifestyle with frequent, properly administered enemas, you can achieve wonders.

What Is A Soapy Enema?

One of the most commonly used additives in an enema is soap.

The soap is mixed with water, giving the mixture a foamy and lubricating property.

However, precaution must be observed not to use just any type of soap because most soaps are very irritating to the colon.

Because the process may bring pressure to the colon area as well as discomfort and, in some cases, pain, the kind of soap used is very important.

Castile, Glycerine And Ivory Soap

The most commonly used soap variants in soapy enema are those that are made from animal or vegetable oil or a combination of both.

However, most experts think that the best soaps to use are those made exclusively from vegetable oil.

Among the soaps that has vegetable oil as its main ingredient and the most valuable for the purpose is the castile soap. Pure castile soap is made from olive oil.

Recently however, there has been a rise in popularity of soap using coconut oil, almond, and jojoba as main ingredients and are still considered as castile soap. 

Interesting fact: Castile soap is sometimes called Seafarer's soap because it has so many uses.

There are many available brands of castile soap out on the market, some coming in bar forms, while others come in powder form.

Other soaps that are used in enemas are Ivory and Glycerine.

Essential Tips

Doing an enema with soap is very popular because it is gentle enough to be used even on children, but effective enough for all users. 

In administering it, please keep in mind the following:

  1. Make sure that the combination of liquid and soap is right. Too much of either will render the solution ineffective. In instances where the soap comes in packets, the packet is normally good for one usage.

  2. Lubricate the anal area with jelly, coconut oil or a water based lubricant. In doing so, use your index finger to scoop the lubricant from the container and lubricate the area of the rectum.

  3. After administering the enema, follow it up by rinsing or doing another enema with clear water to ensure that the soap solution is washed out of the colon. Doing so will help minimize the possibility of irritation.


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