Shocking But Fantastic First Time Enema Story

by John
(United Kingdom)

Having been on a healthy, high protein diet, I had been successfully losing weight but was becoming concerned at the lack of bowel movement.

At one point two or three weeks passed and I was only managing a few very small, dry and hard stools and these were a 'struggle'.

I upped my fibre intake dramatically, eating vegetables, drinking smoothies and even taking fibre supplements and linseed etc.

Still no good.

I since found out that almost everyone in my family suffers with constipation so I was a bit distressed. I would take 3 laxatives and nothing much would happen.

So I bought an enema kit from Amazon (about £10) and boy am I glad I did. I went in to the bathroom and filled the enema bag with 2 litres of warm water, straight from the tap.

I lubricated the nozzle with hand soap and lay down on my side on a towel. There is very little room in my bathroom so I did feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable.

It was a bit fiddly turning the valve without being able to look but sure enough after a couple of false starts I saw the entire bag of water emptying.

I felt the warmth but was sure most of the water was spilling out on to the floor. I stood up and the floor was bone dry. I had nearly 2 litres of water inside!

I knew I had to wait a while so I brushed my teeth to pass the time and then suddenly, I felt the 'urge' to go.

It was very much like diaorrhea but not painful. Had one big bowel movement and was shocked to see the bowl full of the small hard poos I was normally getting out at a rate of one a week.

I was just about to have a shower when suddenly the urge came back again. I jumped out and back on to the toilet where I had another, huge bowel movement, lots of stools and the warm water.

I was quite shocked and dizzy at just how much had come out. Then ANOTHER huge bowel movement, lots more water came out and I felt like I was done.

I could see large, dark stools that I know must have come from very deep inside. This was accompanied with quite an unpleasant smell, reminded me of an old peoples home smell!

I know it's gross but bear in mind not 15 minutes before I had been constipated and a quick try on the toilet had been predictably fruitless and uncomfortable.

The enema gave me possibly the biggest bowel movement of my entire life and I felt (and still do feel) absolutely fantastic) I only wish I had weighed myself before and after.

One of the most disgusting but satisfying things I have ever done.

I feel so relieved.

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