9 Psyllium Husk Side Effects You Should Know About

Psyllium husk fiber is used to treat constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids and other related diseases.

Fiber products like psyllium increase the amount of water in your stool, which in turn makes it softer and increases transit time.

You must be wondering, are there any side effects? Yes there are, but it is among the safest fiber supplements out there.

It has been used for intestinal health in Europe since the 16th century with very few harmful side effects.

The usual gas, bloating or cramps may occur. If this happens you can try taking smaller doses and drinking more water. If it doesn't go away then contact your doctor for further advice.

Psyllium Husk Side Effects

The following psyllium husk side effects are uncommon but serious, stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor if you experience any of these:

  1. Chest pain
  2. Difficulty breathing
  3. Difficulty in swallowing
  4. Intense dizziness or nausea
  5. Rash or hives
  6. Rectal bleeding
  7. Severe abdominal pain
  8. Swelling of your lips, tongue or face
  9. Vomiting

It is possible to experience other side effects so if you're experiencing something else and it is serious, contact your doctor right away.

Again, just to remind you, this supplement is very safe and side-effects are rare. Begin by taking a low dose, absolutely not above what is recommended on the label.

My personal experience has been nothing but good, the only thing I've experienced is a mild light feeling in my head when I've taken a large dose, same goes for my girlfriend and my mother.

Most safe and effective colon cleansing products contain psyllium and it is because it cleans the colon.


Do not take a fiber supplement like this (without consulting with your doctor) if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Are under 7 years old
  • Symptoms of appendicitis
  • Blockage(s) in your digestive tract
  • Have diabetes
  • Have had stomach problems before
  • Have difficulty swallowing

If you are not in the above group, you should have no trouble at all, but nonetheless, proceed with caution and see how your body reacts.


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Stay healthy!


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