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Oxy Powder Colon Cleanser
A Real, Honest and Personal Review

I'm writing this review because I've actually tried this product, there are so many websites out there that pretend to "review" colon cleansing products when in fact they are only trying to sell you.

So let's get right to it! I ordered the Oxy-Powder colon cleanser from the UK because I live in Sweden and shipping overseas would've been a lot more expensive (I will provide links to the suppliers I trust at the bottom of this page).

oxy-powder packageThat's the package! You can click on all the pictures on this page and you'll be able to see them at their original size.

The package was delivered very fast, among the fastest I've experienced from the UK to Sweden.

I also received a cool pamphlet on how to use Oxy-Powder and other helpful instructions.

The one who will be trying this product this time is my girlfriend Ingela, and just so you know who you're dealing with here's a picture!

oxy-powder IngelaLet's dive into more specific information about Oxy-Powder and your colon!

Did you know that:

  • You should have three to four bowel movements every day, not every week!

  • Most pharmaceutical drugs list constipation as a major side-effect!

  • 1 out of 3 people in America suffer from constipation or any other digestive disorder!

  • The average person's bowel transit time is five times longer than what it's supposed to be!

So what exactly is Oxy-Powder? Here's some information I found on their website and the pamphlet I got...

oxy-powder capsules"Oxy-Powder provides an advanced yet all-natural approach to colon cleansing.

The precise formulation of Oxy-Powder gradually releases its cleansing and refreshing powers over a 12 to 18-hour period so you shouldn't experience a sense of urgency or loss of bowel control.

Once activated, it liquifies and flushes out impacted fecal matter, along with accumulated mucous and toxins.

The result is a stronger, more efficient, intestinal environment bettar able to resist impurities, toxins and harmful bacteria."


The Oxy Powder Colon Cleanser Ingredients:

oxy-powder ingredients
  1. Ozonated Magnesium Oxides
    Releases oxygen to the digestive tract and bloodstream. Many lesser grade products generate a fast chemical reaction which leads to needing to find a bathroom quickly; Oxy Powder provides a steady stream of oxygen over at least an 18-hour period.

  2. Natural Citric Acid
    Helps in triggering the oxygenation process, citric acid can be found in oranges, lemons, limes and other acidic fruits.

  3. Organic Germanium-132
    Germanium boosts the immune system and oxygenates living tissue for improved physiology and performance. It is the only non-toxic variety of germanium and should not be confused with other types such as Germanium Oxide which can be detrimental to humans. Germanium-132 can be found in ginseng, aloe vera, broccoli, tomato juice and garlic.

  4. Organic Acacia Gum
    Dr. Group refused to add toxic fillers, binders and excipients into the oxy powder colon cleanser and decided to use Organic Acaia Gum which is natural and safe.

The recommended dosage is to take 4 capsules in the evening or before you go to bed with 8 oz of clean water. The next day you should expect 3-5 bowel movements. If that doesn't happen you should increase the dosage by 2 capsules until you achieve the desired 3-5 bowel movements per day.

After your week of cleansing you can go over to a maintenance dose and take it two or three times a week to keep your colon clean.


Did It Work? Read Ingela's Daily Reports

Ingela tried the oxy powder colon cleanser and she enjoyed the results. You can read her daily reports below, just click on the day and you'll be transported to the review page.

We hope you enjoyed this review of the oxy powder colon cleanser, and that we could help you navigate through all the scams out there.

Thanks for reading!


My Verdict: It Works Great!

Ingela's Verdict: Great Constipation Reliever


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