11 Ways to Cure Baby, Infant or Newborn Constipation

Newborn constipation can be worrying if it happens with your firstborn and you've never experienced it.

Almost three percent of babies are treated for constipation, so it isn't rare.

If your infant doesn't have his or her first bowel movement within the first 24 hours you should talk with your pediatrician and see if you can do something about it.

A newborn's first poop can come as a surprise because they can vary in color a lot, from black and dark to bright and yellow.

The texture will usually be thick and sticky, be prepared for lots of variation in your babies poo, it changes from day-to-day.

Babies are known to cry or make noises (just like you and me) when they poo, don't worry about that if it happens :).

A baby will usually have 3-5 bowel movements a day. Breastfed babies do on average poop more than their formula fed counterparts.

Newborn Constipation Causes

Most cases of infant constipation are harmless and will respond to simple treatments.

Breastfed babies are less prone to get constipated, because breastmilk contains components which help babies move their bowels (nature has designed this process well!).

A change in diet can often lead to constipation, in breastfed babies this is the case when you are switching from breastmilk to formula.

Formula milk is harder to digest and will result in fewer bowel movements and a higher chance of constipation.

Try different formulas and see what works for your baby, and remember to look at the labels! You don't want any weird ingredients in there, only natural stuff!

11 Ways to Cure Constipation in Babies

The remedies are simple because as I said above, the constipation is usually not that serious, although I strongly recommend that you contact your pediatrician before trying anything new.

Here's a list of remedies:

  1. Breastmilk - As I said earlier, breast milk contains natural laxatives that help your baby poo.

  2. Water - You can try giving your infant boiled water that has been cooled for extra fluids.

  3. Magnesium - Dilute 1/16 tablespoon of magnesium in water and put it in your baby's bottle.

  4. Massage - Gently massage the abdomen using gentle little circular motions from left to right, up to down as often as ten times per day.

  5. Cycling - Move your baby's legs in a cycling motion, this will help get the stomach moving and aid in passing stools.

  6. Flax oil - Mix one teaspoon into breastmilk or water.

  7. Picking Up - You can pick up your baby to get help from gravity when you see that he is trying to poop.

  8. Karo Syrup - A small amount of karo syrup can also help alleviate constipation, google it and you'll probably find a seller :).

  9. Change Formula - Try changing formulas, and see if that helps.

  10. Bath - A bath can help your baby relax, which helps in passing stools.

  11. Enema - Giving your child enemas is a controversial topic, contact your doctor for more information.

That's all I've got for you. These may seem like very simple remedies for constipation in children, but they have been proven to work, so pick one and try.

All the best to your child!


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