My Thoughts on Enemas

by John

I never received enemas as a child. I only heard of them in passing. But, with the internet, so much information is available, I got curious and gave it a try.

It is important to give yourself lots of time and lots of privacy, especially starting off.

There are many reasons why people have enemas. Some, for constipation. Some as part of a natural health program.

Some because they feel it is healthy and they feel good afterwards.

I find enemas to be pleasurable in a relaxing sort of way. And, I feel great for several days afterward.

To make things more comforatble, I first rinse the tub with hot tap water - this takes the chill off the tub. Fiberglass tubes are more comfortable than steel this way too.

I now enjoy an enema once a week. I use a 4 quart bag - usually I give myself 2 quarts, hold for 15 minutes, evacuate, then another 2 quarts, hold for 15 minutes, evacuate.

As for recipes, I have used plain water, water with a little added salt, dilute coffee and water to which some Valerian has been added.

Valerian is a herbal supplement available over the counter - I open a few capsules and mix the powder into warm water, stir and put in the bag.

My favourite enema is the Valerian enema as it is very relaxing.

John from Canada

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Jun 20, 2009
Excellent Advice!
by: Henri (The Owner)

Thanks for sharing John, you shared some excellent advice that I think many will appreciate.

Have you noticed any other benefits other than relaxation? Any improved digestive function, mental clarity and so on?

Thanks again!

Jun 21, 2009
by: John

Thanks for the comment!

Digestive functions seems pretty much the same, but then my digestive system works very well already.

I do notice an increase in mental clarity, particularly a greater ability to focus following a coffee enema, or, to a lesser extent, a warm water enema.

Following a Valerian enema, I feel very relaxed and at peace. The improved mental clarity and focus then comes the following day.

Coffee enemas are a great way to start the day - Valerian enemas a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Jun 21, 2009
Very Helpful
by: Henri (The Owner)

Very interesting. Thanks again for sharing John!

Keep us posted on your progress and if you have any other discoveries about enemas :)

Oct 01, 2012
Enjoy Daily Enemas
by: George

I have taken daily enemas for most of my life and I am very healthy and mentally sharp. I usually take two warm water enemas with a little baking soda or salt added to the 2qt fountain syringe and do successive 2 qt bag enemas. The enemas are very warm and I spend at least one hour per day taking enemas. If I am ill, which is rare, I will take two 2qt enemas in the morning and just before retiring for the evening another series two 2qt enemas. I use a douche nozzle for the first enema and a colon tube for the second enema to clean out the upper regions of the colon. Every other day, I have a normal bowel movement followed by an enema series.
I find the enemas very pleasurable and enjoyable.

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