My Funny Master Cleanse Experience

by Heather
(Illinois, United States)

I've always been interested in doing the master cleanse, which is basically drinking lemon juice and maple syrup for a few weeks. It worked very well for me and I lost a lot of weight and noticed that I had more energy and wellbeing when I was done.

One funny thing that happened was that when I was making my daily concoction somehow our cat Tom surprised me and I accidentally threw my whole drink on him and I have to say he wasn't pleased.

He literally jumped into the air and took off running. Of course, I had to wash him after that, which he didn't enjoy at all. I guess he's not going to do the master cleanse anytime soon.

I really like this website and the information on it. I am looking forward to reading everyone's stories!

All the best,

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Nov 15, 2009
by: Henri (The Owner)

That's awesome Heather. I love cats. I'm sure Tom was happy to be clean after all that lemony mess getting all over him :)

Dec 21, 2009
That was funny
by: Richard

We all have our silly daily experiences. But definitely, having a cat bath in a colon cleanse is not going to be recieved by any feline good.

thanks for the share.

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