My First Enema at 47

My first enema was when I was 47. I was admitted as an outpatient for tests. In the double room a nurse or aide came in to check blood pressure etc.

She then told me someone would be in for my enema. I didn't know what to expect.

When another nurse or aide entered she pulled the curtain as far as possible which left me looking at the patient in the next bed.

I knew she could hear when the nurse told me to put my head on the pillow and rear in the air. I was embarrassed at being so exposed and at the women in the next bed hearing everything, especially my gasp and groans as the enema flowed into me.

It was my first time and horrible. after what seems like forever she let me go to the bathroom. As I ran I never thought about my gown. When I returned for another enema both women thanked me for the running view.

I guess it didn't really hurt but it was very embarrassing

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