Legs Miserable: How to Eliminate the Itch from Your Rash

by Alicia

I have just gotten mostly over a horrible allergic reaction to Almond Milk. I am allergic to seaweed and I had no idea what carageenun in the milk was.

My legs and arms broke out into a rash more like bad poison ivy than just a rash. The itch kept me awake all night.

Then I went to Google and started looking for the needle in the haystack. Thank goodnes I found it. (cold skim milk applied can take away the itch on many rashes and saved my sanity).

As things were clearing up nicely, I tried my daughter's Metamucil today. Now the rash is inflamed and itching again. The side effects listed say to call a doctor immediately if you get a rash etc.

Well, at 1am all I can do is apply milk, go to bed and assume I will wake up tomorrow.

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Feb 26, 2010
by: Henri (The Owner)

Great picture, Alicia!

I hope you survived the night and are living to see another day.

Thanks for that little secret on how to eliminate the itch. I've had my fair share of itchiness so it'll come in handy!

Feb 27, 2010
emphasis put on wrong thing in my previous comment
by: Alicia

My point was the Carrageenan which caused the rash. It's use is to smooth stuff out like ice cream and a million food products. Probably no one but me cares, as they aren't allergic to it.I'm not sure how I got here and it wasn't about my colon, but the Almond milk was my daughter's and she was on a doctor's cleansing program using it. I started looking up chemical additives and was delighted to find sodium stearoyl lactylate, which we eat in almost everything daily , must be handled wearing goggles etc (this was on their web site) and is also used to de-ice the wings on planes. You should read their short message which is more of a SSL manual and the interesting part was the few lines on human ingestion, mentioning it's part in food was as an emulsifier of low level toxicity. I wish everyone a successful colon cleanse and I hope you aren't allergic and have a rash to almost everything....then have to find the devil causing it. Doctors aren't much help.

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