What is Insoluble Fiber?

Insoluble fiber helps your stomach by helping to push through fecal matter and other material in your digestive tract.

What other material you might ask? You never know, I included that just in case.

Back on track...

Insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve in water like soluble fiber does, instead it holds water creating bulkier and softer stools.

The reason it cannot be digested by the human body is because we lack the enzyme to break the components down.

Insoluble fiber contains three components:

  1. Cellulose
  2. Hemicellulose
  3. Lignin

Here is a list food sources that contain insoluble fiber:

  • Bran
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Popcorn
  • Fruit skins
  • Brown rice
  • Potato skins
  • Whole-grain products
  • Most vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables.

There are many benefits to eating a healthy amount of insoluble fiber and dietary fiber in general, some of them are:

  1. Alleviates constipation
  2. Reduces appetite
  3. Promotes regular bowel movements through faster transit time
  4. Relieves symptoms and bleeding in symptomatic hemorrhoids

And a lot more, the bottom line is that it is good for you and you should eat it!

If you're not sure what to eat, how, and when, just go for the most natural alternatives when you're out shopping next time.

For example, go for grass-fed beef, organic chicken, wild fish and game, fruits, vegetable, and berries. If you eat heatlhy foods like that, your body will thank you.

Eating healthy isn't hard. It's just the beginning that can be a bit rough, because you have to learn new recipes, but after a while, you'll get into a groove and everything will flow.


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