How is a Colonic Performed?

So, how is a colonic performed? Before we answer that, let us look at what a colonic is and what it isn't. A colonic is also known as colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation.

It is a method that cleanses the intestines with water.

Other liquids can be used, but water is the most common one.

It should be done by a professional hydrotherapist or colon therapist.

Colonics are said to promote better health and increase wellbeing.

There are currently no studies confirming these claims, but there are people who have had good experiences and benefits.

There are also people who it did nothing for and may even have caused bad reactions, these seem to be rare.

To avoid any surprises, talk to your doctor and hydrotherapist about how you can proceed safely and what to expect.

How A Colonic is Performed

It is usually done at a health clinic with properly sanitized equipment and takes around one hour.

When you first arrive, you are asked to take off your clothes and put on a gown. After that you will be asked to lie down on a table, usually on your side or sitting in a semi-upright position.

When you are ready to begin, the hydrotherapist inserts a speculum into your rectum, it should not hurt since it will be properly lubricated.

This speculum is connected via a tube to the irrigation machine which gently introduces water into your colon.

The water fills your colon in cycles, a rhythmic filling and releasing process and as the irrigation session goes forward, longer cycles may be introduced depending on how comfortable you are.

To make you more comfortable, the hydrotherapist can change the temperature and pressure of the water or massage your abdomen to increase relaxation.

Cramping may occur, but it is said to be short and wave like, lasting only a few seconds, and people with more sluggish bowels may be more likely to experience cramping.

Once enough water has been pumped into your colon, the process reverses and all the water and waste is sucked back into the machine and disposed of.


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