Hospital Enema:
How Are They Done?

The name says it all, a hospital enema is an enema done at the hospital.

There are many different enemas that are done at hospitals and they are done for different reasons and purposes.

If you just heard your doctor or nurse mention the word enema and aren't sure what it is, let me fill you in real quick.

An enema refers to when liquid (most often water) is introduced into your rectum to clean it out.

This can be done before surgery, to relieve constipation or just clean your colon before a colonoscopy or a similar exam.

Many people use enemas do cleanse their colon at home, they believe that it is beneficial not just for their digestive health, but also their whole body.

There are many different enemas done at hospitals, but the most common one is a barium enema. During a barium enema the large intestine is filled with diluted barium liquid while an x-ray is taken. They are used to diagnose disorders of the colon, rectum and large intestine.

Regular enemas are also done as I said above, to clean the colon before a colonoscopy. When I had my colon exam and did a colonoscopy I was not required to do an enema at the hospital. Instead I had to stick to an all liquid diet and take laxatives a few days before.

An enema is not dangerous when done properly, and at a hospital you most likely do not have to worry, everyone there who is doing anything to you should be a trained professional.


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