3 Simple Home Remedies for An Upset Stomach

These simple home remedies for upset stomach have given me quick relief when I am in trouble, hopefully they will work for you too.

You know you shouldn't eat that extra serving of food at the restaurant, but still you do, we're human, right?

Once you've eaten you start to feel your stomach getting upset, this article will tell you what to do once you've reached this point and my own simple remedy for an upset stomach when you haven't eaten much and it still bothers you.

I suffered from stomach problems for several years because of an unhealthy diet. It finally went away by changing my dietary habits, doing juice fasting and different cleanses.

Let's look at three simple ways you can calm your crazy stomach...

1. Enzymes

The one dietary supplement you should always have handy when you plan on eating a huge meal is digestive enzymes.

They take some stress off your stomach and aid in digestion.

This will lead to a less upset stomach and less of that feeling that your stomach is about to explode because you ate so much of that delicious food!

If you don't have digestive enzymes you can buy a pineapple on your way home. Pineapples contain natural digestive enzymes.

2. Probiotics

The next one is a probiotic supplement, these are the things contained in healthy yoghurts (which are hard to find in today's supermarkets).

A probiotic supplement contains friendly intestinal bacteria that aid the digestive process and helps to reduce the overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your stomach. A probiotic supplement can usually be found at your local health store.

3. My Secret Remedy

My favorite remedy for an upset stomach is mineral water and a banana. I used this simple mix to get myself in shape when I was suffering from stomach problems.

I never used it to combat digestive problems. I mainly used it in the morning when my stomach was giving me trouble and it instantly calmed me down. I don't know why it works. I just know that it does.

So in summary, if you like eating big meals that give you stomach issues, buy digestive enzymes and a probiotic supplement.

I recommend that you take these supplements daily even though you are eating a healthy diet, because they help your stomach stay healthy.


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