How High Fiber Cereal Companies Are Destroying Your Health

A good quality high fiber cereal is increasingly hard to find with today's supermarket shelves filled to the brink with all sorts of products!

How can you determine which one of all these products is good and which one is not? The first thing I start with is checking the label and looking closely at the ingredients.

Many cereals claim to be "healthy" but when you look at the label you see additives, sweeteners, sugars and all sorts of things that will ravage your body and in the long-term damage your health.

I've noticed many cereals have nice packaging and new products that say "we have now added fruits and seeds for extra health benefits!"

Okay, the first thing I do is... you got it, check the label!

In 95%+ of the cases I find that the cereals that contain fruits also contain sugar!

Another thing to remember is that even if the cereal doesn't contain sugar the fruits are dehydrated, this isn't always the best thing.

Avoid these ingredients:

  1. Sugar
  2. GMO (Genetically modified)
  3. Coloring
  4. Flavoring
  5. Trans Fat
  6. Sweeteners
  7. Preservatives
  8. Syrup

The kind of cereal I go for is the brand that has no add-ons, it is just pure and natural. When I get home I add some berries, fruits, seeds to my cereal and it tastes delicious.

It is how I do it, many of these companies have to do their best to get you to buy their product so they have to convince you that it is healthy, but when you check the label you'll see why they are lying to you.

Next time you go to your supermarket, check the label and try to find the purest cereal without any extras.

Then walk over to the fresh produce section and go crazy!

Your body will thank you.


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