Experiencing Euphoria With Coffee Enemas

by Cindy
(Riverton, WY)

My soon to be husband and I decided we should start detoxing and enemas, especially coffee enemas, sounded like a good starting point. The first enemas we tried were just with distilled water.

I have to say I wasn't impressed with the result. We did a little more research and stumbled on the coffee enema instructions.

It was a Sunday evening and nothing on TV so we decided to do the enema. I went first, had much cramping, but when Dick put his hand on me the pain was instantly gone.

I guess that happens for women when their loved one touches them. I held the enema for 15 minutes and what a different result from the water enema.

We both experienced much more cleansing. Afterwards, while we were doing Dick's enema I thought, I feel REALLY good! To make a long story short, we both experienced euphoria.

We didn't (couldn't) sleep until 1 a.m. and laughed for the whole entire time.

We are 52 and 65 years old, not prone to prolonged bouts of laughter anymore. We just couldn't stop!

It had to be the detoxifying effects on the colon and maybe on the liver. We have since done coffee enemas and have not experienced the euphoria again. It is an experience I'll never forget!

And to think it came as the result of an enema! I can't recommend them highly enough to my family and friends.

Most of the time I get the "you must be crazy, lady" look, but then I ask..."when is the last time you experienced euphoria?"

Maybe you should try it before you knock it?!

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May 27, 2010
by: Henri (The Owner)

Hi Cindy,

That is extremely interesting. I've heard that coffee enemas can be powerful, but I've never heard that they can bring on euphoria.

I've read that coffee is known to increase your mood, so maybe it was a combined effect of that and your body being grateful for the detoxification.

Who knows! The important thing is that it works and you feel good.

Thanks a lot for sharing your story!

Feb 13, 2012
Coffee Enemas
by: HancockFamily

This is so true! I've been trying to describe how the coffee enemas make me feel and euphoric is the best way to describe it. My wife and I have experienced the same thing except we didn't sleep til 4am and laughing and having fun the entire time. We are both 27 years old and love the healthy and sometimes euphoric feeling coffee enemas bring

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