Energy From Enemas

by Susan
(Los Angeles, CA)

I love having an enema, whether it is water or coffee. Somehow the body just loves it when water is flowing through the intestines. I have much more energy.

Mucous is removed. Mucous which I feel slows me down. Mucous is yeast and bacteria from a poor diet. I also have tried coffee enemas and have used them to regain health after serious illness and some toxin exposure in the air.

Coffee enemas do in fact clean the liver and make you feel great with energy.

I used stainless steel enema equipment I purchased from the PureLife Health Equipment Company. Their products were easy to use and I can use it over and over without it falling apart.

Their website is . They are also on the Gerson Therapy website.

Make sure you drink lots of juices when doing coffee enemas so you don't become dehydrated.

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