Enemas My Way

by George

I have come to find enemas relaxing and comforting.

I have devised my own enema rig using items available on eBay. The bag is a night collection bag meant for those using a urinary catheter.

It is clear vinyl with gradations up the front from 0 Ml to 2000 Ml (about a two quarts).

I think it makes the ideal enema bag as I like to keep track of how much I take in and at what rate (my comfortable limit is about one quart).

I warm distilled water to about 110 degrees and color it with a drop of food coloring in order to read the level easily.

By the time it reaches me, the water is never warmer than about 97 degrees.

It flows down latex tubing to a plastic on/off valve placed in easy reach, then on to something of my own making, a restricter, that slows the water to a trickle (about a quart in 50 minutes), then on through about two feet of latex tubing and a plastic connector to a Foley catheter (intended to drain one's bladder).

I find this a perfect nozzle for me. After insertion, I inject a small amount of water through a port and inflate a bulb near the tip.

This keeps the nozzle from slipping out in any position. I elevate the end of my bed so my butt is higher than my head, a position that I feel helps the flow.

I mostly rest on my back, sometimes on one side or the other.

Here's a surprise - the slow flow of warm water is so relaxing that I fall asleep during the enema! It is a satisfying feeling to wake and find that I've emptied the bag.

I hope that my experience helps others to appreciate the helpful effects of an enema.

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Aug 12, 2014
What a happy out come!
by: Anonymous

I want to try that idea. I worry about an accident, but sounds like you have figured out a solution.

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