Enemas for Constipation Relief

by Anonymous

I don't love enemas, but I do them because they are a fast way to relieve constipation. Laxatives work, but they take a bit too long for me to really want to take them.

And the smaller volume enemas don't really clean me out completely so I prefer a good higher volume enema done at home. It really cleans me out and relaxes me.

I wouldn't recommend that you do it often though, because you can get addicted to it and then your body needs enemas to eliminate, but that usually takes a very excessive amount of enemas in a short period of time!

As a child I used to get enemas quite often and I hated them, but now I sort of like them, or don't really mind them.

I use a bucket enema kit since I find that is easier than a rubber bag for your solution, you might be different. I fill the bucket as full as I can without it spilling over.

Sometimes I will do another enema after the first one to make sure that I really get cleaned out, it almost guarantees that I get relief from my constipation.

I am sure there are many more who would like to share enemas here, but are a bit embarassed to do so. I really think it would be good to share, because on this website you can be completely anonymous with your story and your comments it seems.

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Apr 17, 2009
by: Henri (The Owner)

Thanks for sharing, very interesting read!

I personally never got enemas when I was a kid. It seems to have been more common in the U.S compared to Scandinavia, but I am not sure.

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