Enemas As a Way of Constipation Relief

by fwampsox

When I was younger, I was often constipated and mom gave me frequent enemas.

I seemed to have this through my teenage years and got use to giving myself an enema when necessary. I always love to use an open top two quart enema bag, which I still use.

I normally use plain water, but sometimes I do resort to soap suds when my constipation is worse.

I usually lay down in the sims position with the enema bag about 18 inches above the rectum.

Be real sure that you lubricate the enema tube real good so the enema tube will enter your rectum easy.

The enema bag is check regularly for cracks or leakage, if enema bag is OK I will fill it full of warm water.

Before using the bag, release some water out of the bag to get rid of any air with the shut-off clamp.

Hang the bag up where you intend to give yourself an enema.

Then get in position to give yourself an enema,and insert enema tube in rectum.

Try to retain as much as possible before expelling enema.

If results wasn't satisfactory then repeat the enema until desired results is obtained.

My enema bag is always ready for immediate use if necessary.

Please keep your colon clean!

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