Enema Surprise: What A Mess!

I had been sick in bed for many days. I was about 10 years old at the time. On Saturday morning my mother decide to give me an enema in my bed.

She had a bedpan ready to use after my enema. She came up the stairs with a full enema bag. She rolled me over on my side and proceeded to give me the enema.

She gave me about one quart from the two quart enema bag when I began to feel as if I wanted to throw up. I tried to tell her to let me rest and stop the enema flow.

Before I could say anything I did up chuck all over the bed. Not only that but the nozzle was ejected from my butt along with the enema water and everything that it was in my colon.

Oh what a stinky mess! She hollered for my Dad to come help as she had her hands full with with just about everything you can imagine.

I had sprayed the contents of my tummy and bowels all over the bed, the floor, my mother and the wall.


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