Enema Remembrances

by Len
(Peabody, MA)

Now that my wife has written, I want to share my enema stories.

I remember getting them from a bulb syringe known as "the chick chick ball". I was in the knee-chest position on the bathroom floor.

These enemas were given when I just felt "blah" or had a cold. They were made of Ivory soap and water.

When I went to school and had indigestion from egg salad sandwiches made from home (due to no refrigeration), I was given an enema as soon as I got home.

That was only done twice as mom knew they were disturbing. No more egg salad sandwiches.

As I grew older I was given these enemas from a combination syringe, again on the bathroom floor in the knee-chest position.

The only time I was given an enema in bed was when I was really sick and had a fever. A white metal bedpan with a blue stripe around the end was also placed nearby so that I could release the contents.

After any enemas I was sent to bed with the hot water bottle part of the syringe to comfort my belly.

When we were in Washington DC on Veteran's day in 1963, I gave my wife a Fleet enema.

The assassination really depressed us as we had visited the White House, Arlington Cemetary, The Supremem Court Building and other things that were shown on the TV during the funeral procession.

In later years my wife gave me enemas after surgery when I got home at the recommendation of the MDs.

I got them in bed, and they worked great.

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Oct 15, 2015
Enema feeling
by: Anonymous

My doctor and her assistant give me enemas two times a year. The assistant does the cleansing enemas and the doctor gives me the medicated enema. They're embarrassing and uncomfortable but never painful. The best I can tell you is grin and bare it.

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