Embarrassing enema

by Red

I find getting an enema very embarrassing. My doctor administers an enema at every physical. It's embarrassing to be naked before two fully clothed women- the doctor and her physicians assistant. There is just no way to receive a dignified enema.

My last visit involved the doctor, her physicians asst and a female intern.

As always I was on my back with my feet in stirrups. Being displayed that way is humiliating. As the assistant began, the doctor asked if the intern had ever given enemas. When she said no the doctor asked if she could do it.

Already on display and embarrassed, what difference did it make. First the intern practiced inserting the enema nozzle several times before finally giving me the enema.

When finished, she inflated a balloon in my so I could hold it in. I found myself laying there with my legs spread in stirrups, with an erection and squirming from the cramping.

The doctor said the erection was due to liquid pressure on the prostrate. While everything was professional, enemas are embarrassing and being spread in stirrups, holding an enema with three fully clothed women present can be humiliating.

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