What Can You Do About a Colon Ulcer?

If you want to promote the healthy function of your colon, it’s important to learn the symptoms of colon ulcers.

Knowing the signs of this problem and your treatment options like natural cures and medical remedies, can help you avoid more serious effects on your colon and overall health.

In addition, understanding the importance of prevention, like getting a regular medical exam, can be an effective and proactive remedy against ulcers and other issues associated with an unhealthy colon.

A lot of people suffer from colon ulcers, so you're not alone, and there definitely are solutions available.


Among the most common ulcers associated with the colon are stercoral ulcers and colon ulcers connected to the inflammatory bowel disease ulcerative colitis.

Stercoral ulcers are ulcers of the colon that can result after severe and prolonged periods of constipation. The irritation caused by the pressure of hard impacted fecal matter on the colon’s mucous membrane can lead to ulcers in the rectum and colon.

Symptoms include chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal tenderness and pain, and discharge of flaky mucus, pus, and sometimes blood.

Other colon ulcers may be a sign of ulcerative colitis; a disease that causes chronic inflammation of the colon and rectum.

Like stercoral ulcers, signs associated with ulcerative colitis include diarrhea and abdominal pain. Other symptoms may also be present, such as weight loss and bloody stools.


With proper treatment, colon ulcers need not be a debilitating condition. In particular, the outlook for suffers of stercoral ulcers is generally good.

A highly-recommended treatment is to cleanse the colon of the impacted fecal matter through an enema.

With enemas, you have a few options; self-administering an enema at home, receiving professional assistance at a medical center, or having the procedure performed by a specialist at a colon hydrotherapy clinic.

This practice involves the use of specific equipment to help facilitate the cleansing process.


Despite the discomfort and unpleasant effects that can result of a colon ulcer, there are things you can do to prevent it.

Regular medical exams can prove beneficial, as well as receiving procedures like colonoscopies on a yearly basis.

In addition to the enema and colon hydrotherapy treatments described above, there are several other practices which can promote the health of your colon and entire digestive system.

Healthy Foods

An essential step in keep your colon cleansed and free of harmful, aged waste products is to consume foods that are high in fiber and water content.

Fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are among the most effective ways to naturally cleanse the colon. Look for fruits like apples, prunes, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, papayas, oranges, pears and figs.

And don’t pass up the benefits of such vegetables as carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, beets, peas, artichokes, and dark leafy greens. Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds sesame seeds, and flaxseed can also be a valuable part of a colon cleansing diet.

Juice and Water Fasting

Fasting is one of the oldest methods of colon cleansing and body detoxification. There are methods and practices of fasting that involve the restriction of food and the increased consumption of fluids.

The time spent on fasts varies from person to person. You could fast for one day or you could fast several months.

I personally like juice fasting over water fasting, since it is a lot better and gentler on our bodies.

Colon Cleansers

Colon cleansers can be great for cleansing your body.

There are a huge variety of herbal colon cleansers available today. The only problem is that most of them are highly ineffective and a waste of your money.

I've reviewed many of the most popular cleansers, and while I had to discard many, there were a few that stood out.

I personally use colon cleansers regularly and it has made a big impact in my stomach health, energy, and overall health.


One of the best ways to keep your body clean, healthy, and functioning properly is to do a colon cleanse.

DrFlorasColon cleanses can be done by just eating a strict healthy diet, or going on a juice fast.

You can also buy a professionally formulated herbal colon cleanse, which has been formulated to effectively and safely eliminate constipation, toxins, and clean your body..

I've done a lot of research on the best colon cleansers, and I have to say, there are a lot of bad ones out there. The one I think is best - and that I recommend - is DrFloras colon cleanse.

They even offer a long money-back guarantee in case it doesn't work for you.

I'm very careful with what I recommend. I only recommend products that are 100% natural, safe, and effective, which is why I really like DrFloras.

Healthy Cleansing! ;-)


I recommend the DrFloras colon cleanser if you want to cleanse your colon safely, effectively, and without spending a fortune.

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