Coffee Enema:
Cleanse Your Colon With Coffee

The coffee enema has been used for many years to detoxify the body and especially the liver.

Caffeine contains alkaloids which stimulate the production of an enzyme, which aids the livers detoxification process.

In the 1920's Dr. Max Gerson started treating his cancer patients with coffee enemas. This method is still used today because of its benefits.

The Gerson Institute still help people recover from so-called "incurable" diseases with their alternative forms of therapy.

Coffee enemas also work as a sedative. Here's an example...

Some of Dr. Max Gersons patients were heavily in need of sedation. And in order to be able to detoxify their bodies they had to stop taking heavy medication.

They then proceeded to take coffee enemas every two hours for a few days. After this most could go without their sedatives or reduce them to a bare minimum.

The enema has a paradoxical effect because it usually calms you, instead of giving you a caffeine buzz. Which is kind of weird ;-)

The Health Benefits of a Coffee Enema

Some benefits include:

  • Enhance the elimination of toxins through the liver (studies have proven this).
  • Increased bile flow alkalizes the small intestine.
  • Improved Digestion.
  • Cleans the colon walls.
  • Reduce formation of gall stones.
  • Weight loss.

The main goal of doing enemas with coffee is to improve liver and gallblader function by increasing the flow of bile and removing toxins.

Most report a very clear sense of improved wellbeing after taking the enema. If you experience a coffee high afterwards you should reduce the amount of coffee in the solution.

Remember to use organic and high-quality coffee for your enemas. We don't want any nasty chemicals getting in our bodies! :-)

Side Effects And Possible Dangers

  • Can result in caffeine dependence if taken without care and too much.
  • Pregnant or nursing and children should not have coffee enemas.
  • If you have a certain condition such as diverticular disease, chrohn's, congestive heart failure, intestinal tumors and the like you should not have coffee enemas.
  • Excessive enemas may cause dehydration.

Note that some have taken coffee enemas daily for many years without problems. You have to pay attention to your own body and be informed about what you are doing.

Before trying an enema of this sort, I recommend you get in contact with a doctor who has experience giving coffee enemas.


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