13 Causes of Constipation You NEED To Know About

Constipation can be a mood killer, you're sitting there enjoying life when suddenly you're reminded of what's going on in your digestive area.

By learning the 13 causes of constipation you can in some cases avoid being constipated altogether.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some common causes of constipation.

  1. Water
    You probably know this already, water is important to having good bowel movements, because your intestines absorb water, and when you eat food and don't have enough water your stools become dry. Try to drink 80-100 ounces of clean water a day and see what happens.

  2. Fiber
    Dietary fiber has been proven beneficial in type 2 diabetes1 and coronary heart disease2, but researchers do not agree on its effects of helping constipation, there are studies for3 and studies against4, those studies that usually show no improvement are in people who are suffering from chronic constipation or worse. Personal experience has shown that it does help in mild to moderate cases.

  3. Exercise
    Studies that prove the benefit of exercise (for constipation) are rare, although it does help in many other cases. It can lower the risk of colon cancer by up to 50%5 and has many other amazing health benefits. You and I both know how beneficial exercise is for us. So get out there and get moving, it makes you feel better and healthier.

  4. Travel
    When I travel I eat more unhealthy food than I am used to, and my stomach is stressed more because of airplanes, sleeping at weird times and ultimately, jet lag. Eat as healthy as you can (bring fruits, vegetables and some nuts and seeds!) and sleep well (I know, I know, it's impossible!).

  5. Dairy
    Processed dairy products are something to avoid, not just because of the fact that it is one of the causes of constipation, but also because it is unhealthy. If you want dairy, try to get it raw.

  6. Stress
    Our mental state not only affects our health but also our colon health, take a walk in nature, relax or even meditate. They all add up, you just have to do them consistently to see dramatic results.

  7. Resisting the Urge
    If you get the urge to go, then go, if you can't go then it isn't a problem. It only becomes a problem if you do it regularly. When you have hemorrhoids it hurts to go to the toilet, so you hold it in, this can cause constipation.

  8. Medication
    Pain medication, antidepressants, anticonvulsants and iron supplements are something to avoid if it isn't absolutely necessary. Consult with your doctor if you're thinking about lowering or stopping any of your medication.

  9. Antacids
    Aluminium-rich antacids such as Amphojel or Basaljel can and do often cause problems in digestive function.

  10. Laxatives
    Only use laxatives as a last option. The overuse of laxatives do have negative side-effects, researchers do not yet know what exactly those are, but there have been associations made about laxatives being able to damage the nerves and muscles of the colon if overused. This can lead to constipation problems later on.

  11. Depression
    Depression can cause constipation and constipation can cause depression. If you're depressed over constipation, don't be! There are alternatives out there for you, ask your alternative health practitioner and doctor for advice.

  12. Pregnancy
    Constipation during pregnancy happens because of an increase in progesterone, a hormone that slows the transit time of your food. Other causes are iron supplements and your growing uterus which presses on your rectum.

  13. Colon Cancer
    Constipation can be one of many warning signs for colon cancer, but do not get alarmed. As you've seen above, constipation is often caused by many other factors.

Those are the main causes of constipation. There are a lot of things you can do to get rid of constipation, but to keep it at bay, remember to eat a healthy diet.

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