What Are the Causes of Abdominal Bloating?

There are many causes of bloating, but it is usually because of what we ate and how much we ate.

If your stomach doesn't look like you want it to, you could have some stomach and diet problems without realizing it.

Bloating can also be caused by food allergies, it is sometimes hard to know what ingredients are present in everything you eat.

If I am at a restaurant for example, I don't feel comfortable asking for every ingredient used in every meal I eat.

Sometimes frequent bloating can be caused by a disorder such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, so be sure to rule everything serious like that out.

With all that out of the way, here's a quick list of common causes...

5 Abdominal Bloating Culprits

  1. Chewing Gum
    Chewing gum tricks your body into believing you are chewing food when in reality you're just swallowing air. This air can cause you to look and feel bloated.

  2. Dairy Products
    Many people can't digest dairy properly and it often leads to bloating, gas and a load of other uncomfortable "side-effects".

  3. Desserts
    I had to put this in here because desserts usually contain a lot of dairy and other sweeteners that the human body can't digest well. I know desserts are almost impossible to resist, but try it for a few days and see if it reduces your bloating.

  4. Unhealthy Foods
    Pizzas, hamburgers and greasy pastas are examples of foods that stuff us and can make us bloated for several days afterwards. On top of all this, they wreck our health and vitality.

  5. Not Enough Water
    The health benefits of drinking water are often overlooked, water can reduce bloating and aid your body in its daily tasks.

If you want to know how you can stop bloating, read my article how to relieve bloating. I am sure it can nudge you in the right direction.

And remember, if you maintain a healthy diet, you almost never get bloated, healthy foods are the kind of stuff nature intended for us, and it is the food that our body can assimilate fast and effectively.


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