Body Cleansing and Weight Loss with Herbal Dieters

by Mrs Talebi

For body cleansing and weight loss I used Herbal Dieters drink for 4 months and I only lost one & half kilo. My body is cleansed and I feel my tummy is flatter and I was hoping to lose more fat.

I suggested it to my daughter who has had a weight problem for many years and she told me stop it.

You will lose your normal bowl movement if you continue drinking this kind of tea, so far you have only lost your body water and when you stop you will see that you get constipation, so do it gradually until your body gets back to normal.

She was right as I found that without drinking that tea I had lost the normal and natural bowel movement which I have had before.

I have gradually stopped, but I still have FAT + constipation sometimes which I don't know what to do about.

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Jan 10, 2010
by: Henri (The Owner)

Thanks for sharing, Mrs Talebi!

It sounds like you may have ran into a not so effective product. Something that worked great for me was to start from the beginning.

By this I mean that I started only eating natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes, rice and so on. I eliminated all processed and unnatural alternatives and my body started healing itself.

You can then add natural cleanses to this, but make sure they are effective and safe.

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