9 Health Benefits Of
Whole Psyllium Husks

The health benefits of whole psyllium husks have been proven many times by different studies, and it's about time you knew about them!

1. Laxative
Psyllium husk seeds have long been used in most colon cleansers and laxatives. It gives relief to constipation after regular use and strengthens the stomach.

2. Blood Pressure
It has been shown that psyllium can lower blood pressure when used regularly.

3. Cholesterol
Psyllium may lower cholesterol and LDL levels if used with a healthy diet low in fat.

4. Colon Cancer
Fiber may prevent colon cancer. A study was done in 1970s that showed a possible link between colon cancer and fiber, later studies have shown contradictory results as well as confirmed the initial study. You can never go wrong in supplementing with psyllium since it is extremely safe to take.

5. Constipation
Studies have shown that one of the benefits of whole psyllium husks is its ability to cure and prevent constipation. It stimulates the lower bowel and helps form bulkier bowel movements, this in turn leads to easier, quicker and more frequent bowel movements.

6. Diarrhea
Psyllium also helps relieve diarrhea, because it absorbs the excess water in the colon and forms a glue-like gel.

7. Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are caused by straining, and constipation leads to straining. Psyllium helps with constipation and is because of this effective in preventive and curing hemorrhoids.

8. Weight Loss
If you have trouble with eating too much while trying to lose weight, you should give psyllium a go. The fiber creates a feeling of fullness and reduces hunger cravings.

9. Cleanses The Colon
Because psyllium absorbs water and forms a gel it helps the colon to cleanse by moving old fecal matter out.

That's my list. There are many more effects and benefits of psyllium than I have listed here.

If you don't have enough fiber in your diet, a psyllium husk supplement will help you out. It has been proven.


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