Alcohol Enema:
Dangerous Intoxication

Alcohol enema is a weird little invention, in which you take alcohol in the form of an enema. It's certainly one way of getting drunk, and often dangerously drunk!

You might have noticed that people are prone to try strange things to get intoxicated and an alcohol enema is definately one of those things.

What this means is that the alcohol is introduced directly to your colon. I'm not going to go into the details on how to do it since I strongly recommend you not try it.

An enema done with alcohol can get you extremely drunk, this is one reason why some want to try it.

In Texas, a woman was accused to have forced her husband to have a sherry enema that resulted in his death.

She was later released as it became clear that the man did this to himself. His wife later disclosed that he was an alcoholic, but his medication prevented him from drinking, so he thought an alcohol enema would be a good idea.

Why Is It Dangerous?

Enemas done with alcohol can be extremely dangerous, as I said before :).

The reason is because when the alcohol is transported into the body, our intestines absorb the alcohol directly without the usual process of filtration.

This leads to a much quicker absorption of the alcohol. The filtration role which our liver plays is very important in helping us stay alive.

With something like alcohol, which the body regards as poison, it is very important to have the filter working ;-)

Those who are using enemas are more prone to overdosing and poisoning their body. Alcohol poisoning as you probably know, is very dangerous.

Colitis has also been linked to alcohol enemas since the alcohol can damage your intestines.

So stay away from alcohol enemas even if it sounds appealing!


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