Colon Health Favorites

Here is my basket of recommended resources. If you find anything odd or offensive let me know, these websites can change in a jiffy and I can't look after them all. Hopefully they will provide you with value!

These are links to other websites that I do not have any control over, I do not endorse anything on these websites, I just think they might be interesting to you.



Acid Reflux Symptoms
A site dedicated to acid reflux. Diagnosis, treatments, medications and all that!

From Sad to Raw
An excellent site done by Michelle where you can find raw food journals, recipes, tips and some great links.

Health Issues And Tips
A large website by my friend Stuart on a wide variety of topics ranging all the way from health insurance to relationships!

Healthy Remedies
A cool personal website by Dan focusing on how to improve life without drugs using saunas, magnetics, hot tubs, spas and more.

Natural Healing Center
Sascha at Natural Healing Center is friendly and answers e-mails promptly. Her website is about organic skin care, hair care, cosmetics, aromatherapy oils and much more.

Townsend Letter's
They examine alternative medicine and publish a print magazine about it. It is written by researchers, health practitioners and patients. Very informative!

Weight Loss Tips and Secrets
My friend Alex's website where you'll learn how to create irreversible, long-term weight loss success. It rocks, check it out!



Alexander Technique for Musicians
Pedro has some great articles on books and seminars for musicians. He also has lessons on the Alexander technique if you're interested in that!

Deeshan offers a lot of good content on meditation and other spiritual practices. I especially liked reading his article about Lao Tzu.

Hypnosis Audio from Diviniti Publishing
Glenn offers some good hypnosis tapes, cd's and mp3's that you can use to give you a push in the right direction. Whether you want to heal your body, lose weight or stop smoking you'll find it on Glenn's website.

Incense Man
Adrian at Incense Man offers everything that has to do with incense! I like to use incense stick when I meditate, they smell great!

Olivus has lots of stuff about olive oil and olive leaf. Extracts, teas, powders and creams are some products they offer.



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My Favorite Colon Cleanser: DrFloras

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DrFloras is an excellent cleanser that can help cleanse and detox your body. It is one of the best I've come across in my research.

It contains all natural ingredients that have been proven to work safely and effectively.

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