High Fiber Food Chart:
Top 41 High Fiber Foods

Are you looking for foods that are the highest in fiber?

I've put together a high fiber food chart, all of the foods have been measured after a serving size of 100 grams.

This chart will help you add fiber to your diet. You will get a clear view of what food groups contribute the most in terms of fiber.

Depending on how much you need you could add a good high fiber cereal with extra fiber or if you already get a lot of fiber and just want to add some more delicious foods I recommend the berries!


# Food Fiber (in grams)
1 Kellogg's All-Bran with Extra Fiber 50
2 Pinon Nuts 43
3 Kellogg's All-Bran Original 29
4 Flaxseeds 27
5 Sesame seed, whole, roasted 14
6 Popcorn 14
7 Almonds 12
8 Chestnuts, dried 12
9 Pine nuts, dried 11
10 White beans, cooked 10
11 Yellow beans, cooked 10
12 Pistachio nuts, roasted 10
13 Figs, dried 10
14 Hazelnuts 9
15 Pecans 9
16 Pinto beans, cooked 9
17 Peanuts, roasted 9
18 Black beans, cooked 9
19 Artichokes, cooked 9
20 Macadamia nuts 9
21 Split peas, cooked 8
22 Multi-grain bread, toasted 8
23 Lentils, cooked 8
24 Potatoes, baked 8
25 Lima beans, cooked 8
26 Chickpeas, cooked 8
27 Mung beans, cooked 8
28 Brazil nuts, dried 8
29 Raspberries 8
30 Kidney beans, cooked 7
31 Elderberries 7
32 Avocados 7
33 Walnuts, dried 7
34 Raisins, with seed 7
35 Dates, medjool 7
36 Whole-wheat English muffins 7
37 Kumquats 6
38 Rye bread, toasted 6
39 Plums 6
40 Green peas, cooked 5
41 Blackberries 5

Even though there weren't many fruits on this chart they still contain good amounts of fiber and a lot of healthy nutrients, so throw in fruits in your high-fiber diet and you'll notice the difference.

I personally don't recommend you eat cereals and other processed foods. It's better to get your fiber from natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, and berries.

So if you're not a cereal person, don't worry.


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