My 10 Favorite Fiber Rich Foods

It's time for me to spill the beans on what my 10 favorite fiber rich foods are. Below is my list and within the parameters () you can find the amount of fiber in one serving of the specified food.

#1 - Bananas (3g)

I like bananas not just because they taste good and make awesome purées and what not but also because they are so convenient. If I am traveling or just came home I can just eat lots of bananas or throw some in my blender with whatever I have lying around and it will most likely taste great!

#2 - Blueberries (3.5g)

Since I was a kid I've looked forward to the blueberries my mother picks at our summer cabin up in northern Finland, this usually happens in autumn just before everything green starts turning red and yellow.

#3 - Strawberries (3.3g)

Another delicious fruit that is only available in abundance in the summer. I usually eat it with raw unheated honey.

#4 - Raspberries (8g)

This is the last of the berries, I promise! I just love berries and raspberries are one of the most fiber rich foods. Is there anyone who doesn't love berries? I don't think I've ever come across someone who doesn't love berries, maybe I'm just blocking out the ones that truly hate berries :-).

#5 - Cherries (3g)

Moderate in fiber and something I really enjoy eating when it is available. It has been my experience that good cherries are pretty hard to get your hands on here, hopefully next summer will bring unexpected gifts!

#6 - Oatmeal (4g)

Same thing here, I have been fed oatmeal for breakfast by my grandmother as long as I can remember. Oatmeal with milk and some butter, although I have modified it to a healthier version in my older days. It's now oatmeal with berries and fruits!

#7 - Whole-Wheat Spaghetti (6.3g)

Who doesn't like spaghetti? High in fiber and delicious with some ketchup ;).

#8 - Pistachio Nuts (2.9g)

My favorite among the nut family, cracking open that shell and popping a pistachio in my mouth brings back good memories for my taste buds.

#9 - Apples (4.4g)

Specifically green apples, I don't care much for other kinds of apples, at least not the ones that are sold here. The green ones have that sour taste which I enjoy.

#10 - Baked Potato with Skin (4g)

Phenomenally good, but you have to make sure you don't add lots of unhealthy sauces and other foods to it.

Those are my top ten fiber rich foods. Hopefully they inspire and entertain.


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