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by Jay
(Putnam Valley)

I was in a hospital room for outpatient tests. A nurse came in reviewed the charts took vitals and said I'd need to be irrigated. Had no idea of what she meant. About 10 minutes later she returned with a young assistant rolling in a cart with an enema bag hanging. Was I glad it was a private room.

She told her assistant to give me two cleansing enemas and one rinsing enema and she'd be back. I had to lift the gown, get on all fours and put my head on a pillow.

The first two enemas were ok, very embarrassing but ok. During the rinsing enema I was on all fours as before when the door opened. Another assistant stood in the doorway saying the doctor wanted to know when she'd be finished.

As they talked I could hear people in the hallway and I know they could see me.

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