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Oxy Powder Colon Cleanser: Day 7

Wee, this was my last day!

Today wasn't much different from the last few days with the exception that I felt the effect of the extra pills.

It definitely has felt good to have my stomach getting stuff out faster.

I am still unsure of what the long-lasting results are on my bowel efficiency. It's nice to have a week with an efficiently working stomach, but I am more curious about what comes next.

What happens when I don't take the pills? Will my stomach just revert to its old state?

I do eat a very healthy diet, so for me to have constipation means that there is still some food that is causing it, or that my stomach needs a more thorough cleanse like Blessed Herbs, maybe I'll try that next time if I need to!

I personally wouldn't do this cleanse while being far from a toilet. Every time I had to go there was a sense of urgency and I would not have been happy standing in a line to the toilet.

On the other hand, after the 2nd day most of it happened 1-2 hours after waking up (I took the pills before I went to sleep, it might be different if you take them in the morning).

I read a lot of statements where people have experienced amazing results like a flatter belly, clearer skin and heaps of energy. I can't say I've seen results like that, not yet at least.

Everybody is different though and I am a pretty healthy person, maybe people who have bigger health issues notice bigger differences.

As for side effects, I felt them the most the first couple of days. I felt worn down and a bit of nausea, luckily that passed quickly and the rest of the week was a piece of cake.

What are two days compared to a better working stomach, right? :-)


Final Tips

If you're thinking about doing a cleanse with Oxy-Powder I give you these nuggets:

  • Start the cleanse when you have at least 2 days free, like Friday night
  • Expect many visits to the toilet the first few days
  • Eat small, healthy meals frequently to keep your energy up


Was It Worth It?

I would say absolutely, it gave excellent constipation relief and had a good cleaning effect on my body.

I also only used up about 30 pills in total, the bottle contains 120 pills so I have 90 pills left. I could do 3 more cleanses like this, so I definitely think it was worth the money!

You could also take maintenance doses to keep your stomach moving properly.

If you want to try it , visit the Oxy-Powder website.


4 Week Update

The positive effects are still there, my stomach is working better and I am not having any trouble with constipation.

I didn't follow the instructions exactly. The Oxy-Powder label said that you should do a maintenance dose after your cleanse and I forgot, but it still works, which is cool.

I hope you enjoyed this review!


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