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Oxy Powder Colon Cleanser: Day 1

Hi all, this is Ingela reporting!

I am a total newbie when it comes to colon cleansing and the closest I've been is taking psyllium husk.

I would describe myself as a health conscious person who tries to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. In spite of all this I still experience some problems with my colon such as constipation and bloating.

Ever since I heard of the benefits of colon cleansing a few months back I've been interested in trying. I like the concept of cleaning out the old stuff!

My hopes for this cleanse are basically to get rid of constipation and bloating. I want my stomach to function better!

No special preparations have been made, I will follow my regular eating and workout habits. All I have to do is take four pills on an empty stomach, every night before I go to bed, seems simple enough!

It's only for seven days, so I think it will be very easy to follow through. The information I've read says that you can experience increased gas and mild aches the first 2-3 days, we'll see how my body reacts to Oxy-Powder.

Yesterday, I ate my last meal at about 8PM and right before bedtime (at midnight) I took the recommended dose of four pills with some water.

The capsules were tasteless and easy to get down (luckily, since I am squeamish about things that taste strange!). I also wasn't hungry when I went to bed since I didn't do anything energy consuming after my last meal.

If you have trouble falling asleep on an empty stomach, the instructions say that you can take the pills first thing in the morning, at least one hour before your first meal.

After taking the pills I didn't feel anything out of the ordinary and slept well like I usually do.

I woke up 30 minutes before the alarm because I had to go to the bathroom, so far so good I thought!

It isn't required that you change your diet during your Oxy-Powder colon cleanse, although a healthy diet will probably be beneficial.

At noon I felt some pressure in my forehead, similar to what I felt when taking psyllium husk. I went for a walk with Henri and my dog and after about 10 minutes I started getting that feeling you get when your blood sugar is low.

It just suddenly felt like my stomach was completely empty! Maybe it's the Oxy-Powder at work or that I didn't eat enough, it's hard to tell. Tomorrow I'll eat something before my walk!

So in summary...

I felt sluggish the whole day and I had to go to the bathroom more than usual, but my bowel movements have been small and hard to pass.

I won't increase the dosage for tomorrow, I'll keep taking my four caps and see how things develop.

If you haven't already, check out the Oxy-Powder website for more information.

See you tomorrow at Day 2!


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