No modesty


It makes no difference if it is your first enema or your 101st.

There is no dignified or modest way to be given an enema. It just feels strange to be a guy nude or in a gown in front of two clothed women.

My allergist give me a series of enemas three times a year. She tells me not to be embarrassed since she and has medical assistant are professional.

True, but it's embarrassing to me in a gown which covers nothing when you have to take various positions. I am usually on all fours with my head on a pillow. After a few of those, they put me in stirrups.

There can be no more exposed embarrassing position than being in stirrups looking at the doctor giving you an enema.

It's all very professional but very embarrassing

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Aug 11, 2016
No modesty
by: Anonymous

I agree. Even when done professionally, it's undignified.

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