Hospital enema

by Rick
(Danbury CT)

I was in the outpatient part of the local hospital for tests. I was taken to a room, told to take everything off and put on a gown.

A little while later a nurse brought in a woman for the other bed. She was very pleasant. A nurse came in and told me I'd be getting several enemas before going downstairs. My roommate thought it was funny.

The nurse returned rolling a cart with the enema equipment in plain view. She had me up on all fours and I guess I moaned or something went she inserted the nozzle as my roommate laughed and said I guess it's in. I said nothing but my nurse said it sure is. I held it a few minutes then ran to the bathroom.

This happened several times. After the last one with two nurses, my roommate asked did they have you in a diaper position. I didn't know what she meant so she said you know, one holding your legs in the air while the other gave it to you..

I said yes, why were you able to see this. She said when the light was coming in the window behind them, I could see vague outlines and it looked like they had your legs up. I felt totally humiliated.

They returned, gave me a medicated enema. The put me on a rolling bed with the enema hooked up and going into me as the rolled me to the elevator to go downstairs. I asked was I covered and the orderly said almost but there's a little open space where the enema is in you.

The cool air confirmed that. I was humiliated in the room and again in the elevator as I lay there and three people came in when the door opened on another floor as we were going down,

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