Getting Through Day 1, 2, 3 of the Master Cleanse Easier

by Robin
(B.C. Canada)

I was given a secret from a powerful healer. She gave up working as a surgical nurse to massage and heal people in her home that had no hope.

I tell you this first because she is one smart lady, here it is.

The first 3 days if the cleanse use black strap molasses in place of your maple syrup.

What this does is, it balances out your sugars in your pancreas which will help the intense highs and lows people can go through at the beginning of the master cleanse diet.

Then begin your maple syrup on the 4th day.

She always said," Make it through the first 3 days and you are home free for the rest of the cleanse."

I hope this helps!

This cleanse is powerful for cleaning the mind as well, gives you inner strength.

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May 17, 2009
Interesting :)
by: Henri (The Owner)

That is very interesting, I would have never thought of using black strap molasses for the first three days.

I am glad you posted this advice, I am sure it will help many readers in their journey towards better health.

All the best to you Robin!

Jan 28, 2010
master cleanse
by: Anonymous

i am using molasses also,is is very tasty also it was for easier to locate and the nutrient's are very similar to maple syrup. i am hoping to get passed day five, for another 5 days or so. it takes a lot of willpower!

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