Frequent Enemas

by Diane
(Southampton, NJ)

I'll be 61 in a few weeks, and I take 3 to 4 enemas a week. I know I don't need that many but I feel better when I do, and have been doing this for over 40 years.

I use 1 Tbs of sea salt and baking soda to each quart of warm water. I also use a 30" Fr. 32 Colon tube to place to enema into my transverse colon.

Stay healthy, and do your enemas.
Diane, NJ

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Oct 09, 2009
by: Henri (The Owner)

Hey Diane,

Thanks for sharing!

I have a few questions. Why did you decide on sea salt and baking soda?

Also, have you ever been scared of puncturing your colon or running into any trouble like that?

Oct 09, 2009
High colon tube enemas
by: Diane

Sea salt and baking soda make a very soothing enema and for that reason you can take many enemas and not cause irritation to your colon.

A 30" colon tube Fr. 32 if gently inserted the full length with an in and out motion will advance to the transverse colon.

As the enema progresses the water allows the tube to advance.


Dec 20, 2009
Clean at 69

I will be 69 next February. I have been taking enemas for the last 50 years and my wife and kids do too. We take one, two to three times a week. It keeps us real clean.

Jan 23, 2010
frequent enemas
by: gary

Hi Dian

Ive been seeing a nutritionist for about a year now. Because I am under weight the diet she put me on did not help much. She then started me on a colon cleansing program doing 3 or 4 cleansing enemas a week for 90 days. I began to gain weight and felt like a new person. Then she put me on a maintenance program doing 2 enemas a week. Now a year later I can tell back when I was doing 3 or 4 enemas a week I felt healthier doing frequent enemas like you have been doing for 40 yrs. If I ask her in a nice way if I could increase the cleansing enemas 3 or 4 a week because I felt much better doing 3 or 4 a week. I dont want hurt her feelings saying 2 cleansing enemas are not enough now. What would you do?

Thank you for sharing your story.

Aug 01, 2010
My sister that hated enems
by: Anonymous

My Grandmother say in my mother home some time.I was age5 one night she told me go sit on the toilet.I did as she told me.In no time Grandmother had a red bag in her hand she told its something to clean up inside.I did know about what she was going to at the time.All i know she had this thing in her hand. At the time it was just me an my sister my mother was out of the home.She told me you like it an it good for your health.Next thing hot water was going in me. She try my sister an all hell started that night. Then my Grandmother gave me one enema a week. She always told it good to be clean.I learned at age5 about enemas. My sister that hated enemas her appendix rupture an kill her. Her colon was dirty an stop up.The appendix was full of cancer she was age 49.I say all she had to do was clean her colon some time but no she hated enemas. OK Grandmother know something about health.

Apr 27, 2011
got them from my aunts, still crave the experience
by: Anonymous

My two aunts use to give me several enemas, especially in summer. They also used them for punishment, when somebody did not play right while in the yard.
I remember the hot bathroom with the glistening soapy red enema bag prepared before I was marched naked into the bathroom while one of my aunts pulled me by the ear. Placed on the floor towel, on my knees, in went the rubber glove coated with melted Ivory soap, the spanker was used on my butt, until I had a red hue.
Then the thick nozzle was stuck in to my stinging rear, the warm soapy water ran in and the begging started. I also would shoot seman without anyone touching my penis. Is my desire to have these lovingly given enemas again perverted?

May 18, 2011
soapy enema
by: Michael

My mother was very concerned about my bowels when i was growing up.If i was sick or constipated or mom thought i was i had not moved my bowels the first she would do i tell that i needed a good physic(Milk of Mag)and a suppository,and weather i had a bowel movement or not she tell my that was going to give niece warm soap suds enema.

Oct 22, 2011
My Younger Sisters enemas
by: Diane

My younger sister Joan would see the red rubber enema bag hanging on the back of my mothers bathroom door and ask me who was going to get it and I told her it was for her, she would cry and the naxt morning mother called her to the bathroom and gave her a soap suds enema. I heard her crying and loved the fact that she was getting an enema that I thought I was going to get.
Diane G.P

Nov 14, 2011
Chidhood enemas
by: Anonymous

I was a sick bay for the first 3 months of my life, in Children's Hospital in Boston. I was a poor eater and therefore constipated for most of the time with hard movements. Thus I was given a soapsuds enema every Sunday night--on my back, dad holding my legs while mom administered. I also got them when sick and running a temperature (taken rectally). First a soapsuds then in followin days plain water. On occasion I was also give Syrup of Figs and Castoria. Along with the soapsuds enema, in an attempt to lower the fever we were given an alcohol bath and aspirin. Mom and dad took frequent enemas and suppositories, too. My little brother and I got the most enemas as my older broths 6 and 8 years older did not.
As I grew older and to cooperate, I had the responsibility of placing the rubber on the bed, swishing soap (not always Ivory, sometimes Lifebuoy), greasing the tip with vasoline and squeezing the bulb to fill it. Then I had to lie on my side while mom administered. At 7 I was given enemas with the big enema bag, filled with 2 quats of soap water. If results were sparce, it was repeated. I also had to retain for 5 minutes with a timer nearby. I had to empty contents in a bedpan so that mom could see and report to MD.

I gave my chidren infrequent enemas and suppositories--only when they wre sick and running a temp.

Mar 06, 2012
Blanket and enema
by: Michael

Hi Diane,
Thnks for sharing.My mother belaived that the enema was a cure all.If i were sick or mom thought i was not having daily BM's she would either give me a good Physic or suppository followered by a good soap suds enema or two or three.Mom would take a pink fleecy fuzzy blanket and heat it buy draping it over a hot radiator that was in the bathroom and fill her red Davol Paris enema bag with warm Ivor soapy warter and tell me that she was going to give me a good soap suds enema,and to get undressed and comeinto the bathroom,where she would be sitting on a chair across from the toilet with the heated soft fleecy blanket draped over her lap and the enema bag hanging on a hook over her right shoulder.Mom would then say to me,come and lay on the niece soft warm blanket so mommy can give you a good warm soap suds enema to get your bowels cleaned out.I loved the feel and smell of the hot blanket and the smell of the soapy enema and the sent of mom and the feel of mom inserting the enema nozzle nad the warm enema entering me constipated bowels.I was i could go back to those times with mom and her fuzzy warm blanket and red enema bag in the bathroom getting a gentle loving enema from my loving mother.

Sep 07, 2012
Lifetime of enemas
by: Anonymous

I've had enemas all of my life.First with a tiny bulb syringer and then gradually the volume increased to now I can take huge enemas of 5 quarts or larger. JBL bags are easy to use and I have one. I also have a 6 quart plus combination with a long colon tube that I use.

Nov 03, 2012
mother in law's enema talk and instructions
by: eddy

My mother in law told me that her husband took enemas every night. they were very large and quite warm. He had hemmerhoids and she had to hold a special nozzle to his butt hole for his enemas. She loved to talk about enemas. probable would have give enemas to me if i had asked her. she told me that whenever she took or gave enemas she wanted them to hurt quite a bit or else they would not do any good and it needed to be given again and again until they did hurt. Take as many enemas as you want or until you are satisfied she told if doing a series of enemas.

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