Enema's for Breathing Trouble and Asthma

by Doug

Growing up I never had an enema, to my knowledge. Curious, one day as an adult I tried it. Not knowing what I was doing I gave myself some terrible cramps. I swore to myself I would never do that again!

Years later my doctor told me that if I didn't find out what was causing my breathing problem it was going to kill me. (Truly!) One day I looked through one of my wife's natural healing books I saw a comment on coffee enemas.

By this time I had tried numerous medicines etc. All to no avail. Finally, I decided to try the enema again. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I thought it must have been a fluke. The next time I had a bout with breathing I did it again. The same good results.

I tried alternating between treating and not treating. The results were consistent. For about a year or I so I would do the enemas. I even had people ask me what it was that I was doing different! Finally, still a little embarrassed I told my wife. She said that if it works, go for it. Sometimes she helps me, that allows it to be more pleasurable. Otherwise, I try not to allow it to be erotic.

My 10 yr. old daughter has had asthma and been in the hospital because of that and pneumonia. I suggested my wife give her an enema as it worked for me. When I came home my wife said my daughter's oxygen level went up by 40 points!

It may not work for everyone. But, I have to say, my family has gotten sick while most of the time I have not!

I think that parents have to be careful that there isn't a sexual overtone. But, besides that I think enemas can be one of the most natural and effective treatments.

I speak from experience!

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Oct 02, 2016
My enema procedure
by: debby

I greatly reduced my asthma medicines (aerosol) by 70% with a periodic gentle colon cleanse procedure. One time a week, early in the morning, I made a 1 - 1,5 quarts chamomile enema, taken slowly in savasana yoga pose. I don't care about volume, my experience is that even a small volume received slowly and in a pleasant way, is more effective that a large volume with cramps and pain. I avoid even the little cramps and pain! I choose nice music (Mozart, for example), close my eyes and I listen my body only to know when I need to stop.

To relax before the procedure sometimes I made a 30-60 minutes of yoga. Wonderful!

I discover that the mat you use is very important: the procedure might be fully pleasant, I love to feel the cleansing effect of the fluid flowing into my colon. So, after sone trials, I found that a camping inflatable mat (partially inflated) is the best one: more soft than a bed or a yoga mat. I want to have a very gentle procedure! Pain and cramps are enemy of relaxation, and then they are allied with asthma!

I use chamomile only (so relaxing...)

Four times a year I made a one-day fasting with a deeper colon cleaning:
1) a 1,5 - 2 quarts enema early in the morning
2) 2 - 3 quarts in the evening - usually 2,5 (always I don't care about volume, sometimes I stop before 2, other times I can receive almost 3).
3) a one quart enema with strong chamomile (6-8 teabags in a quart of water), with a slight warmer temperature (39 celsisus max!). Holding it 10-20 minutes. So relaxing for a nice sleep! I repeat this procedure every time I want a wonderful sleep!

Of course during the day I integrated liquid, electrolytes and sugar with some cookies, small pieces of pure chocolate and Gatorade.

Of course, I consulted a doctor before. Always consult a doctor in medicine before a detox procedure!

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