Enema's Are Relaxing

by Katie

Growing up, enema was a scary word. No one wanted to have to get an enema.

After I left my ex husband, my life was full of stresses...and I routinely ate unhealthy foods. One day, out of the blue I started reading about enemas on the internet. To be honest, it was a scary thought. I went to the local Walmart and purchased the kit to do an at home enema.

Needless to say, I was quite nervous about the whole procedure. My first was quite uncomfortable to say the least. It was on my bathroom floor and I ran the fluid in way too fast so I had some cramping.

I did more reading on the subject and continued to administer the enemas on a monthly basis. It still was not pleasant, as I was rarely offered the quietness required for a good thorough cleansing.

But, the clean feeling after was revitalizing. Now, I have read and educated myself on the process. Life is still hectic, but when I am afforded the time to do a complete series of enema's I feel amazing.

Today, for the first time in a long time, I was able to prepare the enema in peace, lie on my bed and relax during my enema series. It was so refreshing to lay there, relax and allow the fluid to fill me. I did a series of three cleansing enemas....and feel invigorated and clean.

My advice to anyone is to read up on the process...and YES partake of the enema...relax and allow the enema to flow slowly...lay on the bed if possible. Enjoy your enemas as much as I love mine!!!

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