Colonoscopy Prep

by Cliff
(Arizona )

The conventional wisdom is that using enemas to prep for a colonoscopy will not work. Well, yes and no. For sure you need to be on a clear liquid diet the day before and you also need a laxative that will work on your small intestine. It's also important to drink plenty of clear liquids during the day before the exam. But if you abhor drinking a lot of salty water, here is an alternative I have used for my last 3 colonoscopies.

On the morning prior to the exam..........

I take a one qt. tap water enema with a tablespoon of liquid Castile soap and drink 8oz. of magnesium citrate. You may want to use another laxative that works better for you.

On the afternoon prior to the exam..........

I take a 2 qt. saline & bicarb enema. It's important to take the full amount so that the water reaches the ceacum. The saline and bicarbonate prevents loss of electrolytes and also relaxes the colon during the fill. You f you tend to have a sluggish colon, you may want to repeat the magnesium citrate.

On the evening prior to the exam..........

I Repeat the saline and bicarbonate enema

Two hours before reporting for the exam...........

I take at least 2 qts of the saline and bicarbonate enema (I try to take more than 2)

That's it. No drinking salty water and no waiting by a toilet all day. You know when the enemas will start working.

Doctors frown on their use prior to colonoscopies because most people won' use a large enough enema to get to the caecum.

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